The most common way to fill out the P46 form if you begin an entirely new job and your previous Form P45 is not available. P45 is a tax form that you must fill in. P46 tax return is essential since it will help you make sure you pay the correct amount of tax on your income. If you don’t possess P45 or don’t complete a form P46 the employer may require an urgent tax code to your pay, which means you may be liable to overpay tax.

This P46 Tax form is vital as it makes sure you pay the right amount of taxes when you start an employment. It’s a crucial document that every professional at any point of their career should understand and know. Everyone wants to avoid paying extra tax HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) therefore, at the start of your tax season, in case you aren’t yet and you need to do so, ensure that your P46 is in order and filled in before you start your new position.

To seek assistance with your tax office regarding the P46 or P45 you have, contact HMRC.

What is the reason I need the P46 Tax form?

The most frequent reasons you’d require the P46 tax form is due to:

  • you aren’t able to supply to your employer the last P45 form.
  • you’re starting your first job
  • you’re about to start a second job that you are not leaving your current position

It is crucial to remember that if you have to give your employer the P46 form, it’s your responsibility. Your employer isn’t going to fill it out on behalf of you. If you contact the human resource department to review the latest checklist for starting out, it’s likely that they’ll keep track of all employees ‘ P45 and P46 forms.

What data do I need in order to fill out the P46?

  • The various tax forms require
  • your basic personal details and
  • Tax code details
  • Details around your financial information (student loan repayments/Jobseeker’s Allowance).

How do you obtain P46?

When you start the first day of your new job your employer will supply you with a form P46 in the event that you are unable to provide them with an original P45 from your previous employer. After you’ve completed all of your P46 form the new employer can then transmit your details to the tax department, to ensure that they add the proper tax codes on your account in advance of receiving your first pay.

The process of filling in your tax forms is a straightforward task which you should prioritize at the time you start your new job, especially in the event that you don’t have a P45 yet. If you’re an employer and require a blank P46 form 

What is the consequence if an employee fails to give P46 details?

If you don’t get or both a P45 and the person does not provide their contact information to complete the starter checklist, then you might not be able to place an employee in the right tax code. If they don’t have an official tax code for them, they might be stuck with an emergency tax code that could mean they pay more income tax until proper details are supplied.

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