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Buying followers has many benefits and can greatly influence the path of your Instagram career, but you should not forget about other basic aspects that are also very important on the way to success. Buying followers on Instagram alone may not bring the desired results, because no one will be interested in an empty account with a large number of fans. Here are some activities beyond Buy Instagram Followers Greece that play a significant role:

Business card

The first thing to take a closer look at is the name and bio. These are two elements that are the Instagram business card of each user. The name should not be complicated, and ideally, it should reflect what the profile will talk about. The truth is, the simpler the name, the better. Therefore, it is worth considering it carefully and not adding too many special characters or repeated letters. It is also important that the name is not too long, so that it can be easily remembered and that it does not make it difficult for others to find the profile.

In turn, the bio should best reflect what the user can find on a given profile. The bio should also not be complicated or too long and should not contain unnecessary information. Bio as a business card is supposed to invite you to learn more, which means it should be interesting.


It is important to focus on the quality of the posts you add. And what does it consist of? First of all, nice and interesting photos. Photos should be taken with good equipment and adequate lighting. To give them even more shine, you can use photo editing programs. Usually, you don’t need much skill to edit a photo for basic needs. If you want to bet on the uniformity of posts added on Instagram, you can always use various types of filters.


When the photo is ready, you should spend some time on an interesting description. When creating a description, you must, first of all, take a look at the potential recipient. It is worth considering who we actually want to reach and formulate a description under the photo so that it is interesting, inspiring, and encouraging to continue following the profile. If possible, include some consideration, ask a question, or make a joke in the description. Such action will encourage others to discuss and increase engagement around the profile.


Hashtags are very important because they help you reach more and more people. And that’s why you should carefully analyze the hashtags you add each time. The most important rule is to add hashtags in the description under the photo, not in the comment. Users who add hashtags in comments and then remove them after some time may even get a temporary ban from appearing on hashtags. Therefore, you should always add hashtags just below the photo description or, for example, weave them into the description, if it is possible.

Another important rule is to add a variety of hashtags under the photos. So you should avoid adding the same hashtags every time, under every post. It is best to adopt a simple rule to always try to describe the photo as accurately as possible using hashtags. Then we can be sure that the hashtags will be varied and will not be repeated too much under the posts.

It will be optimal to add about 15 hashtags so that there are neither too few nor too many. If you are a beginner Instagramer, it will also be good to give up too general hashtags. When adding photos on large hashtags, you can easily get lost “in the crowd” of such a huge number of posts. You can gain much more by adding a photo on slightly smaller hashtags, where the post is more likely to last for a longer time – then more people will notice the photo and there is a chance for new followers.

More Info: How can you use Instagram hashtags effectively click here and collect information about it.


Presence on Instagram is also very important, both for algorithms and followers of the profile. Rarely adding photos and stories can result in a loss of reach, and thus – also the number of likes and comments. On the other hand, adding a dozen or so posts a day can discourage followers and cause them to stop following a profile that is associated only with a lot of spam. A good idea, however, is to add one post a day – followers on Instagram then know what’s going on with us on an ongoing basis. We don’t spam, and Instagram rewards such regularity with increasing reach.

Instagram and gaining followers

So all the actions we take on Instagram should be carefully planned in advance. The final success of the profile consists of many factors and it is not worth underestimating any of them. Buying followers on Instagram is an element that can significantly speed up building a profile. But we emphasize that for optimal results. You should focus on added content and regularity at the same time.

Of course, there are many ways to gain followers, but buying followers will certainly bring the fastest results. So it is a good method of gaining followers, especially for people who care about time.

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