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Did you know users spend almost half of their Facebook time watching videos on the platform? Besides, Facebook Live videos generate as much as five to six times the interactions as conventional videos! While video marketing has become more significant than ever, producing video content on Facebook is even more crucial for a business – especially considering the platform caters to nearly two billion active users every day!

The purpose of talking about these statistics is emphasizing the significance of Facebook video marketing. It has become necessary for every brand looking to optimise the medium for social media visibility. But how do you do it? While it is evident you need an expert social media marketing company for effective Facebook video marketing, knowing these tips can also help you ace the Facebook video space.

  1. Focus on Content Relevance and Value

Nothing is as significant and crucial for a video as its content, its relevance and the value it delivers. Based on your subject matter, ensure you give users a reason to watch the full video by giving an overview of the video and providing relevant, authentic, verified and valuable insights to your users. It is the knowledge users acquire by watching videos that matter to them the most. So, ensure your videos add value to your users.

  • Ensure High Visual Quality

High visual quality doesn’t necessarily refer to using expensive cameras or lenses. You can shoot a video from your mobile and still maintain the video’s audio-visual quality. The simpler the video and its quality, the better. The idea is to deliver a straightforward and seamless visual experience to your users. A low-quality video wouldn’t succeed in keeping the users hooked. They’d refrain from watching such videos.

Your social media marketing company can help you with producing excellent quality and competitive videos when it comes to audio-visual quality.

  • Maintain the Right Video Length

The average watch time for a Facebook video is ten seconds. Of course, that doesn’t mean you’d create videos only nine to ten seconds long. The length depends on the subject’s depth and what you want to convey through it. Ensure you do not make the video excessively lengthy or anything finishing within the blink of an eye. Maintain a particular video length for most of your videos, as users get used to a particular pattern over a while. Being inconsistent with anything might disappoint them to some extent.

  • Use a Straightforward Language

Avoid using overly complicated language. Use something that resonates with the users. Decide the language based on your target audience and the subject you’ve chosen. For instance, if your audience is millennials, use language and lingos appealing to them. However, ensure you do not use words or language that proves offensive in any sense.

  • Use Captions

It is believed that over 80 per cent of users watch Facebook videos without sound. Although the number does not have evidence, the number is very high. Accordingly, you should produce a video and also create captions to help your users understand the video even without audio. Besides, according to research, the absence of captions in videos can plummet the call-to-action by 25-30 per cent.

  • Give Your Video a Name

A descriptive and captivating name of a video attracts users and also increases its searchability. Hence, provide your video with a proper name, relevant to its subject. However, ensure you do not misguide your users only to lure them to click on the video. Give your Facebook video an appropriate title with targeted keywords to increase its visibility.

  • Write an Intriguing Copy

Let your users know what the video content is all about. A short description of the video through an engaging copy can help you promote views. Although most users do not want to make a reading effort, users avoid watching videos without a copy talking about it. It is the copy that helps them decide whether to watch a video or not.

  • Provide a Call-to-Action (CTA)

Give your users a proper call-to-action providing them clear direction on what you want them to do while or after watching the video. CTAs provide higher click-through rates (CTR), conversions, etc. Some places where you can place CTAs include throughout the video, at the bottom (without disrupting the viewing experience), inside the post copy, or at the video’s end with a text overlay.

  • Use Facebook Live

Live streaming has a higher engagement than recorded videos. Users love watching something when it is happening rather than engaging with something that’s already happened. So, although not every day, you might want to go live on Facebook occasionally, especially when you have a major business event or announcement.

  1. Comply with Facebook Rules and Regulations

Every social media platform has its set of unique regulations concerning content, infographics and videos. As the platform’s user, you should comply with them to ensure your content doesn’t get rejected after submission. Facebook isn’t an exception to it.

Partnering with a social media marketing company, as the social media experts are well aware of the rules of every platform and help you produce compliant content. Some specific rules and regulations concerning Facebook videos include the below.

  • 1280 x 720 pixels for portrait and landscape videos
  • 9:16 aspect ratio for portrait
  • 16:9 aspect ratio for portrait videos having a link
  • 1:1 aspect ratio for square videos
  • 16:9 aspect ratio for landscape
  • 4GB maximum file size
  • 30fps maximum video frames
  • .MP4 and .MOV video formats
  • Maximum video length – 45-minutes

Although beneficial, gaining traction via Facebook Live requires consistent efforts and appropriate social media planning. FABTARY, a reliable social media marketing company and social media planning company in Durban, can help you do that. Our unmatched expertise and experience in helping companies engage with their target audience via intriguing Facebook video content helps catalyse business growth. Please email us at info@fabtary.com to learn more about our social media planning services in Durban.

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