A product roadmap is a document that explains a plan or strategy that will be a guide in carrying out a program to be able to make changes or develop a product in the future. Product roadmapping has become a very important lesson, both for product managers, marketing and other business people.

According to Atlassian, a Product Roadmap “is a source that explains the vision, direction, priorities and development of a product over time. The Product Roadmap can also indirectly represent a picture of a product to consumers, they can find slot server thailand resmi out about the products that the company will produce in the future.” Product Roadmap is closely related to a plan or strategy for a product, both in change and development.

Basic Principles of Product Roadmap

The product roadmap has a very important role, for that it cannot be done haphazardly or haphazardly. It takes a basic principles in making it.The basic principles of the roadmap are as follows:

Concise – The product roadmap document must be made really short, concise, and not stretched, so that its function can be easily understood.
Clear – Must use clear language in compiling the product roadmap so that it can be easily understood.
Measurable – All preparations regarding the product roadmap must be measurable as well as possible, whether regarding programs, time, goals, outputs, outcomes, and so on.
Detailed – Documents regarding the product roadmap must be as detailed as possible.
Adjustable – Accommodation is required regarding feedback and revisions.
Commitment – The product roadmap document must involve all members and must be responsible for the duties of each member.
Official – Furthermore, the product roadmap document will become a reference or point of reference for each member in carrying out work in the designated place.
Product Roadmap goals

The product roadmap also has very important goals that we need to know, including:

The product roadmap aims to be a tool slot mahjong that will guide changes to a product by looking at its characteristics. The product roadmap aims to be a tool that can unify all activities in the established program. The product roadmap aims to be a tool that can guide a program from start to finish, until the program is declared successful. A product roadmap can also function as a reference for any changes or developments to a product in a program.

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