Today, thermal transfer printing is widely used in apparel, the printing process is not complicated and the cost is not too high, but it still provides good quality and quantity of printing, so thermal transfer printing is popular t shirt printing method. Many applications in printing T-shirts, backpacks, hats.. 

Thermal transfer printing is a high-end printing technique that when printing people are forced to use thermal transfer ink, this ink will be printed on the thermal transfer paper first, then press the thermal transfer paper onto the position on the shirt. need to print and use a heat press machine to transfer the images from the paper to adhere to the shirt.

The thermal transfer Shirt printing process uses a special type of printing ink also known as thermal transfer ink. Before being printed on the shirt, this type of ink will be printed on a type of paper that is previously thermal transfer paper or thermal printing paper. 

When transferring ink from thermal paper to fabric, it needs the support of a heat press device, also known as a heat press machine, it is the most basic equipment required in the printing process.

To be able to transfer ink from thermal paper to fabric, it needs the support of a heat press device, also known as a heat press, the most basic device required in the printing process.

If you want the results to be as desired after printing, there are a few points to note: 

  • Select bold mode, the new thermal transfer paper receives better and more ink and also uses ArcoRip printing support software. 
  • Use specialized thermal paper, less ink absorption. 
  • Adjust the print color scheme to match the color ratio stated on the product. 
  • Neatly arranging before conducting color printing on fabric will help ensure that the print is not 
  • It is recommended to adjust the temperature of the heat press machine, the average temperature is about 150oC, the time can be 90s. 
  • Put the thermal transfer paper with the image into the position to be printed and press it according to the previously adjusted temperature and time.

One of the biggest advantages of heat transfer printing is the image quality it brings, the image printed on the shirt with heat transfer printing technology is very sharp, durable, can be washed, fabricated or ironed directly. Not afraid to affect the shape and color of the image. The application space of thermal transfer printing is extremely large. It is used by garment companies to create unique printing patterns for advertising, etc.; create 3D prints on t-shirts, fabrics, etc.

Thermal transfer printing has a very fast speed, much faster than inkjet technology. Every day, hundreds to thousands of shirts can be printed, helping service users save a considerable amount of money. Helping customers to fully express their creativity through images, designs to print on t-shirts.

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