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In the dynamic landscape of women’s soccer, a few names stand out as pillars of excellence and progress. OL Reign, a professional women’s soccer team based in the United States, is a shining example of dedication, talent, and empowerment in the world of sports. With a rich history, a commitment to innovation, and a mission to advance the status of women’s soccer, OL Reign has become a beacon of inspiration for athletes and fans alike. This article delves into the story of OL Reign, exploring its origins, achievements, impact on the sport, and its role in pushing the boundaries of women’s soccer.

A Brief Overview of OL Reign

Founded in 2012 as the Seattle Reign FC, the team joined the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) with the aim of contributing to the growth and development of women’s soccer in the United States. In late 2019, the team was acquired by OL Groupe, a French entertainment and sports company, which resulted in the rebranding of the team as OL Reign. This partnership marked a significant milestone in the evolution of the team and introduced a new chapter of growth and international collaboration.

Vision and Philosophy

OL Reign’s vision goes beyond the boundaries of the soccer field. The team is dedicated to fostering a culture of excellence, empowerment, and innovation in women’s soccer. The acquisition by OL Groupe brought together resources, experience, and a shared commitment to pushing the envelope and creating a transformative impact on the sport.

Achievements on the Field

OL Reign’s achievements on the field reflect its dedication to excellence. The team has consistently been a competitive force in the NWSL, showcasing remarkable talent, teamwork, and determination. While capturing championships and trophies is an important part of OL Reign’s journey, the team’s broader influence extends to shaping the narrative around women’s sports.

Pioneering Women’s Soccer Empowerment

OL Reign is at the forefront of advocating for gender equality, not only in soccer but also in the broader realm of sports and society. The team’s commitment to empowering female athletes, advocating for equal pay, and promoting opportunities for women reflects a larger movement toward recognizing the value and potential of women in sports.

Role Models and Icons

a. Megan Rapinoe: One of the most recognizable faces of OL Reign is Megan Rapinoe, an American soccer icon and advocate for social justice. Rapinoe’s involvement with the team has brought attention to OL Reign’s mission and values, as well as the power of sports as a platform for change.

b. Community Engagement: OL Reign’s players and staff actively engage with local communities, inspiring young athletes and promoting the importance of sports participation for both physical and mental well-being.

The Evolution of OL Reign

a. Rebranding and Partnership: OL Reign’s partnership with OL Groupe brought international expertise and resources to the team. The rebranding represented a strategic shift toward a more interconnected and collaborative approach to women’s soccer.

b. Global Network: OL Groupe’s influence extends beyond OL Reign, as the organization oversees Olympique Lyonnais FĂ©minin, one of the most successful women’s soccer teams globally. This international network strengthens OL Reign’s access to resources, experience, and a global community of athletes.

Impact and Future

OL Reign’s impact on women’s soccer transcends the field. The team’s commitment to gender equality, empowerment, and community engagement has positioned it as a transformative force in sports. As the team continues to grow, it strives to reshape perceptions, challenge norms, and create a more equitable landscape for future generations of athletes.


OL Reign stands as a symbol of empowerment, progress, and excellence in women’s soccer. Its journey from a local team to an international partner in the global OL Groupe network underscores the potential of sports to drive change and shape conversations around gender equality. Through its commitment to pushing boundaries, advocating for fair treatment, and inspiring athletes and fans alike, OL Reign is rewriting the narrative of women’s soccer, demonstrating that the pursuit of excellence goes hand in hand with a commitment to empowerment and societal impact.
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