1. Contact your local government to have the area marked off. This is important to do so that you do not accidentally remove a fence that is not yours.
  2. Wear safety gear, such as gloves and eye protection, to protect yourself from sharp wires and other hazards.
  3. Use wire cutters to cut the ties that secure the fence to the posts. This will allow you to separate the fence from the posts and lie it flat on the ground.
  4. If the fence is long, cut it into smaller pieces so that it is easier to transport and dispose of.
  5. Roll the link grids into tight cylinders. This will help to keep them from tangling and make them easier to move.
  6. Tie the cylinders together with rope or wire to keep them secure.
  7. Remove the posts. If the posts are set in concrete, you may need to use a jack to loosen them.
  8. Dispose of the fence and posts properly. You can usually take them to a local landfill or recycling center.

Here are some additional tips for removing a chain link fence:

  • If the fence is old or rusty, it may be easier to cut it down with a reciprocating saw or demolition saw.
  • Be careful not to damage any underground utilities when you are digging around the posts.
  • If you are not comfortable removing the fence yourself, you can hire a professional to do it for you.

Here are some safety precautions to take when removing a chain link fence:

  • Always wear safety glasses and gloves when working with sharp objects.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and watch out for electrical wires or other hazards.
  • Do not work alone, and have someone nearby to help you if needed.

Disposing of a Fence (Wooden or Metal)

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