How to Draw a Rock

How to Draw a Rock A Step-by-Step Guide. You often want a stunning accessory or object as the focal point when making jewelry. Diamonds are a famous example, but you’ll often find gemstones at the center of many jewelry pieces. Gemstones have a wide variety of types; some people associate certain gemstones with zodiac signs and other attributes.

Learning to draw a stone is the best way to imagine what your perfect jewel would look like! If you want to do that, then this tutorial is for you. Our step-by-step manual on how to draw a rock will guide you on how it’s done in no time, so we hope you relish what we’ve crafted for you!

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How to Draw a Rock – Let’s Get Started!

Step 1

When refined and shaped, gemstones often have a highly angular structure. This is the point we will be drawing in this focus on how to draw a gemstone. For this reason, you should use a ruler when drawing as it will help with the many straight edges this gemstone has. Now, we will draw the upper half of the stone.

This top half will have five edges, with the two sides being the longest. The two sides above these edges will be slightly smaller. , and will culminate in a flat part at the top. Getting the angle of these edges to look right can be tricky, so be sure to take it easy and take a close look at our example.

Step 2

The top half of this rock drawing had some tricky elements, but this double step of the guide should be much easier. We will add two more edges to the gemstone for this guide step. This is yet another stage where using a ruler would reach in handy! These two lines you will draw now will be the longest and extend from the last edges you drew. They will end at a sharp point at the bottom of the gemstone, as shown in the reference image.

Step 3

You’ve finished the design of your drawing, so in this step of our How to Draw a Gemstone guide, we’ll be toiling on some of the internal trims. Gemstones typically have many flat, refined surfaces, and we’ll begin to portray them.

Now. First, draw a little diagonal line running down from each of the leading side edges of the gemstone. Then, draw two better lines coming down from where the last ones ended to meet at the lowest point of the rock. New lines are drawn as they appear on our reference image. You can skip to the fourth step of the guide.

Stage 4

Continuing this gemstone drawing, we will now add some more edges to the stone. These borders will be front and center and some of the most complex borders we’ve drawn. This is a step where you’ll want to examine the reference image as you work closely. The borders in the front will have two triangle borders at the top and then a six-sided shape in the front.

Two will be diagonal and will form a sharp point at the top. Two shorter lines will descend from these directly downwards, and finally, two long lines will descend to meet at the lowest point of the gemstone. Once you’ve drawn these shapes, you’re ready for the final details!

Step 5

Before we add some colors to this guide on drawing a gemstone, we need to finish the final little details first. The lines we draw in this effort will be horizontal for the most part, and choice will go through the center of the jewel.

Draw straight lines through the various vertical edges you’ve been drawing, and try to use the reference image to guide you as you draw their angles. Once you have these final borders, you can finish this image by adding a background or some excellent details. How would you like to finish this beautiful image of precious stones?

Step 6

Different gemstones are known for their unique colors, so this final step of this drawing is where you can show what type this rock is. Amethyst. However, this is just one way to color this image! When you finish it, you can search for various gemstones and choose your favorite color for this image.

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