The Domain Authority and Page Authority checker is a free online tool that quickly and easily provides you with two of the most significant indicators for search engine optimization.

The analysis is as easy as copying and pasting your website’s URL into our DA PA checker tool and receiving your DA PA score instantaneously.

The purpose of this DA PA checker is to give SEO specialists valuable information about the site.


Domain authority is a Moz-developed measure. It’s the ability of a website to rise in the rankings of various search engines. The number of sites in a category that connect to yours and the percentage of unique links to your site decide it.

Inputting the page’s URL will immediately disclose the page’s domain authority.

However, having many external links can lead to a high authority score on the Moz chart. Similarly, low rankings in the Moz table reflect a lack of social sharing and link building.


Page Authority (PA), created and patented by Moz, predicts search engine rankings. The amount and quality of inbound links, the domain’s age, and the content’s rate generate a page’s PA score, which affects its ranking.

Moz’s Page Authority score can predict search engine rankings. Keep PA in mind and monitor your website’s performance to increase its rating.


Your link source’s spam score. Website managers realize how vital spam score monitoring is.

Knowing the spam score helps remove undesirable links from your website. Enter your website’s URL to acquire a spam score and contributing factors report.

This information can help you uncover spam vulnerabilities and boost domain and page authority.


Machine learning is used in the Domain Authority calculation to forecast the “best fit” technique that most closely connects Moz link data with actual rankings taken from thousands of search results.

The algorithm considers how frequently a domain appears in Google’s own search results. Domain 1 is more likely to rank higher in the SERP than Domain 2, hence Domain 1 probably has more domain authority.

The DA is ML-based; if new information becomes available, it may change. Moz claims that DA may be use to monitor the “ranking strength” of a website over time, despite the fact that Google does not take DA into account when determining search engine rankings.

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