Engineering Managers

The Canadian engineering sector is witnessing a high demand for Engineering Managers. This demand has seen a rapid increase in the aftermath of the pandemic and is going to go up in the upcoming years, meaning there will be abundant job prospects for Engineering Managers in Canada. You must check eligibility for Canada PR if you wish to get an Engineering Manager job in Canada. 

Moreover, working as an Engineering Manager in Canada provides abundant ways for career advancement across various sectors such as private companies, government institutions, consulting firms, and scientific research companies. Professionals in this role can expand their skill sets and take up new challenges, boosting their growth.

Engineering Managers in Canada enjoy a range of advantages, including strong job security, attractive salaries, a supportive work atmosphere, a direct pathway to attain Canadian Permanent Residency, and excellent healthcare benefits. 

Keep reading to know more about job opportunities, employment requirements, job responsibilities, average salary, and more about Engineering Managers in Canada.

How many job openings are there for Engineering Managers in Canada?

Between 2022 and 2031, around 23,100 new jobs are estimated to be open for Engineering Managers, while 28,800 skilled professionals will fill out the forms to work in Canada under TEER 20010. 

What are the employment requirements?

You must need the following to secure a job as an Engineering Manager in Canada –

  • A bachelor’s degree in Engineering. 
  • Ample work experience in an engineering discipline, including supervisory experience.
  • You must be a Professional Engineer (P. Eng.) by a provincial or territorial association of professional engineers.

What are the job titles for Engineering Managers in Canada?

Here are the job titles that engineering managers can work under – 

  • Director of engineering research and development
  • Electrical engineering manager
  • Engineering department manager
  • Engineering manager
  • Production engineering manager
  • Telecommunications engineering service manager

What tasks are performed by Engineering Managers in Canada?

This group performs the following duties – 

  • Coordinate, arrange, lead, manage, and assess the undertakings and functions of an engineering division, service, or company. 
  • Develop and execute regulations, benchmarks, and protocols for the engineering and technological tasks conducted within the division, service, laboratory, or company. 
  • Interact and negotiate with clients to prepare specifications, clarify proposals, and present engineering summaries and conclusions. 
  • Allocate, coordinate, and handle the technological projects of the division or project groups. 
  • Employ staff and supervise the development and protection of personnel proficiency in necessary domains. 
  • May actively participate in the design, advancement, and examination of technical ventures or in the engineering operations of the division.

How much do Engineering Managers in Canada earn?

The demand for engineering managers is high and so are their salaries. They also get to avail multiple benefits that come with working in this field. On average, an Engineering Manager in Canada earns between $76,000 to $166,000 annually. But that said, the salary also depends on the location of your work, your work experience, and your specialization. However, they tend to be higher in this field.

How to Immigrate to Canada?

There are many ways to move to Canada but the most preferred way is the Express Entry program. You can also opt for the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) if you wish to settle and work in a particular province or territory. 

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