Best Oils For Hair Fall Control

You’ve come to the right place if you’ve got 99 problems, at least 90 of which are hair-related issues. The increasing pollution and the additional stress from school, college, or work have taken a heavy toll on our health. Included in this group is hair health which is usually ignored. 

You must have caught yourself admiring the flowing locks of an actress or a model. Did you ever wonder how much effort it takes to make their hair shine like that? At least a million products are put on their hair, eventually affecting their hair quality. 

At least for me, I have seen my hair fall by the dozens! But I have seen remarkable improvement with the use of natural remedies, as illustrated in this article. I wanted to share my hacks for hair fall control with you. 

Benefits Of Hair Oiling:

The ancient practice of hair oiling originates in Ayurveda, which provides thousands of other holistic solutions. Hair oiling is an easy method of calming the mind and body, which requires little to no effort. 

The basics of hair oiling are:

  • Choosing the correct oil
  • Massaging it onto the scalp as it promotes blood circulation 
  • Leaving the hair to absorb the oil
  • If you have long hair, try braiding instead of tying your hair in a bun or a tight ponytail

Why Home Remedies?

If you are like me and you’re usually styling your hair at home using products to protect your luscious locks, I have news for you. This habit of ours is detrimental for the hair guys! 

As most available products in the market are full of chemicals, I had to look for an alternative! 

So, I went with the age-old hack for improving hair health- oiling! Depending on your hair type and scalp health, you can choose the oil that will be most beneficial for you. 

Leading professionals suggested home remedies have the least (next to zero) side effects compared to salon treatments. Additionally, the affordability of the recommended oils was another factor that drew me to this remedy for reversing hair fall. 

Let’s look at the top ten hair oils to control hair fall. 

Hair tip: If you need clarification on your hair type, consult a dermatologist to help you get the proper guidance on hair health.

Top 10 Hair Oils For Hair Fall Control:

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Choose from the following list of hair oils to help you get thicker and longer hair with patience. The list below provides a wide range for you to choose appropriate oil for hair fall control

  1. Coconut Oil

You already know the versatility of coconut – commonly used in food items- and its oil also provides hair benefits. This hair oil can be used as a carrier oil or by itself. Coconut oil is usually heavy as it can feel ‘bulky,’ especially if you have an oily scalp. 

The oil helps prevent hair protein loss while conditioning and improving its health. 

  1. Bhringraj Or False Daisy Oil 

Another potent hair fall remedy is Bhringraj oil, used widely in the Indian subcontinent. Did you know that this oil is well-known for its hair-regrowing properties? Yes! It can revive the hair follicles and help in growing new hair. 

Using bhringraj oil alone will be beneficial, or you can use it with essential oil as a carrier- for example, tea tree oil.

  1. Onion-Infused Oil 

You must have seen ‘onion oil’ being hyped extensively all over the internet- but in essence, it is just oil infused with the goodness of onion. You can either buy such an oil from a store or DIY it! 

Depending on the hair length, pour the oil into a bowl and grind some freshly-cut onion to extract the juice. Mix the onion juice with the oil and heat it before applying for a soothing hot-oil massage. 

  1. Aloe-Infused Oil 

Aloe vera has several benefits for our skin and overall health. When used with carrier oil, it has excellent benefits due to the vitamins that play a vital role. I prefer coconut oil as a carrier, but you can use whichever suits best. 

  1. Castor Oil

Castor oil in itself is a weighty oil. However, it is very beneficial for your hair as it has a rich source of proteins, minerals, and Vitamin E. If your hair is prone to losing moisture due to pollution and excessive chemicals, this oil can restore it. This oil is best for you if you have a dry, flaky scalp. 

Author’s note: Due to the thick consistency of this oil and the moisture-packed property, it isn’t easy to wash off the hair. Thus, mix it in small quantities with another oil, such as sesame oil.
  1. Vitamin E In Jojoba Oil

Vitamin E capsules are readily available at the pharmacy, and you can use them for skin and hair concerns. Jojoba oil has a moisturizing property that can prevent hair loss due to dryness. 

  1. Argan Oil

Argan oil is known to have great split-end reversing effects. It is a fantastic protectant against heat damage by improving scalp health and thus prevents hair breakage. This makes it a hair growth-boosting oil as the market-available products undergo the most minor processing. 

  1. Rosemary-Infused Oil

Head massage with this hair oil improves hair circulation and facilitates hair growth. However, it would be best to use it with carrier oil due to its strength. This oil can also be made home by heating the chosen carrier oil with a few dried rosemary leaves. 

You can apply it directly or store it for later use. 

  1. Olive Oil

A kitchen staple, olive oil is a boon for people looking to improve their hair health. It is filled with vitamin E and antioxidants that revitalize the scalp and nourishes the roots. Add a few drops of lemon if you have a flaky scalp and dandruff(especially in winter). 

The oil can be applied to dry or damp hair and comes off easily with shampoo. 

  1. Amla Or Indian Gooseberry Oil

Indian gooseberry or amla is an excellent addition to one’s diet. It has several benefits that can help alleviate digestive issues and chronic conditions. Like mentioned oils, if you do not want to use the store-bought variant, try heating a carrier oil with crushed or cut-up gooseberry. 

Author’s pick: Although coconut oil is the most used hair oil, jojoba oil is a better nutrient-saturated oil that moisturizes hair and reduces hair fall.


One of these hair oils can become your best friend, too, if you are trying to control hair fall or prevent it. Be sure not to tie your hair tightly, as it can lead to additional hair breakage and poor scalp health. 

Have you tried any other tricks for hair fall control? Share your experience below. 

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