Bajaj Platina 100

The Platina range of commuter fuel-efficient motorcycles from Bajaj has been the manufacturer’s cash cow for several decades for OEM motorcycles. There are several reasons the Platina range, especially the Platina 100, has been a relevant choice for Indian motorcyclists for all these years. This post will shine a light on some significant reasons for Bajaj Platina 100 being the preferred choice of customers in India.

The Platina 100 is one of the most fuel-efficient motorcycles available in India

The Platina 100 offers a real-world mileage of 72 kmpl, which is an unbeatable Unique Selling Point. Bajaj offers the Platina 100 in a single trim and four colours.

The price (ex-showroom) of the motorcycle is unmatched

As per the official (and current) Bajaj bikes price list, the ex-showroom price of the Platina 100 is Rs. 65,948. All leading lenders of India offer attractive custom-made loan schemes for this motorcycle. This ensures that one can get their hands on a Platina 100 very easily these days. However, the bike’s price may vary from place to place. So, don’t forget to check the cost depending on your location.

The market positioning

The market positioning of the Bajaj Platina is set as an entry-level commuter bike.

Engine, transmission and other details

The Platina 100 comes with an electric start system. A kick paddle is also equipped with the bike, allowing motorcyclists to start it even when the battery is dead.

The engine powering the latest iteration of the Platina 100 is a BS6-compliant 102 cc fuel-injected engine. This engine’s peak power and torque outputs are 7.8 bhp and 8.34 Nm, respectively. The transmission of the Platina 100 consists of four gears and a wet multi-plate clutch.

The bike’s overall design is pretty basic and resembles a typical commuter bike from Bajaj. The fuel tank on this motorcycle can hold up to 11 litres of petrol.

The latest iteration of the Platina 100 rides on 17-inch alloy wheels from the factory. The bike is equipped with a drum-type rear brake. The front wheel is paired with a disc brake. ABS is missing on this bike; however, Bajaj has equipped it with patented CBS technology on this motorcycle.

Handling and overall ride quality

The Platina 100 is built around a single-cradle frame, offering commuters an impressive ride every time. The low and high-speed stability of the Bajaj Platina 100 is amazing. This means that manoeuvring the motorcycle in crowded city streets would be seamless. On the other hand, high-speed overtaking on the highway and tackling corners with steep lean angles would be quite fun on the Platina 100.

The suspensions on the Platina 100 are adjusted for enhanced comfort. Furthermore, Bajaj engineers have gone ahead and increased the front fork suspension travel by 125 mm. The increased front suspension travel allows the Platina 100 to keep the rider and the pillion rider in relative comfort even on bad patches of rural and city roads. The dual-rear Sprint-iN-Spring (SiS) suspension system excels in providing comfort to both rider and passenger during both brief and extended journeys on the Platina 100.

A motorcycle that suits the needs of both city dwellers and rural motorcyclists

The latest iteration of the Platina 100 has a reduced dry weight. This single aspect of the Platina 100 makes it ideal for novice motorcyclists.

The improved ride quality is the fruit of several decades’ worth of research and development. Furthermore, the specifically designed chassis and strengthened swingarm guarantee that the Platina 100 will continue to navigate challenging rural roads for many years to come. Individuals only need to make sure they schedule regular preventative maintenance appointments to maintain their Bajaj Platina in optimal condition. The engine on the latest iteration of the bike has been engineered to deliver additional low-end torque.

The Platina range from Bajaj Auto always aims at rural middle-aged motorcyclists. However, that has changed with the latest iteration of the Platina 100. The bike has the perfect packaging to entice motorcyclists of all ages from cities and rural areas. To learn more, please test-ride a Platina 100 today.

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