Multitasking and educational institutions go hand in hand, and it takes the collective effort of the faculty and team members to execute crucial tasks. Fortunately, technological solutions rescue them from exhaustion and overload. 

Besides, technological upgradation has become an integral part of our lives; likewise, it has taken centre stage in the education sector. Advanced tools like the student information system and school ERP are the most sought-after systems that schools/colleges adopt. 

But did you know that integrating both SIS and student information systems enables an educational institute to make a highly functional unified campus? Let us take a look at how: 

Real-Time Data Records and Monitoring

Heaps of paper, folders, files, basic spreadsheets, and lots of time and effort went into upkeeping institutional information. The conventional and previous methods that schools and colleges used are not relevant anymore. 

On the contrary, the ed-tech market has witnessed an all-time increase in assistive technological solutions. That is primarily because institutes and organisations require appropriate applications and systems to streamline their data. 

Mismanagement of information and lack of adequate mechanisms to record and maintain data cause severe issues. Therefore, the student information system is the perfect solution, especially for schools and colleges, for the following reasons : 

  • It provides a centralised platform to record and maintain student data, including attendance, academic progress reports, etc. 
  • It provides an integrated system to track admission-related activities, such as registration, application and enrollment completion status. 
  • Furthermore, integrating SIS with school ERP software enables educators and institute leaders to get consolidated student attendance and performance data. 
  • This system allows teachers to easily manage data accurately and obtain timely information regarding particular students accordingly. 

Simplified Fee Management 

Fees are an important source of revenue for institutes; therefore, rules are set in place regarding timely submission. Unfortunately, submitting fees on time is difficult, especially when parents and students miss the due dates, leading them to pay a fine or penalty. 

Hence, the school ERP integrated fee management system is one of the best features, enabling students or parents to pay the fees within the stipulated time. 

Furthermore, with the help of the system, you can carry out the following tasks: 

  • Students and parents can conveniently pay the tuition, monthly admission, examination or semester fees online. 
  • The system enables the admin staff to keep track of the fees and payments. 
  • Besides, merging it with the SIS helps to manage student attendance and facilitates easy and convenient fee management. 

Library Automation 

In today’s era of smartphone dependency, when one can access knowledge at the tips of their fingers, do we really need libraries? Libraries are a key part of education because they are a powerhouse of learning and teaching materials. 

Despite the online availability of resources, books, journals, and documents are still relevant, providing necessary information as per requirement.  However, managing a library manually is a time-consuming and exhausting task. 

Therefore, you can automate the library with the help of the software, enabling you to keep a systematic record of new and borrowed books. In addition, they can check any book’s current status with just a simple click of a mouse. 

On the other hand, students can view the availability of a book by typing its title and author’s name. As a result, they don’t have to waste time searching for a book or journal. 

Streamlined Communication 

Missed the parent teachers’ meeting, hence unable to figure out their children’s present academic and overall condition – it is a common scenario that many parents encounter. Besides, children hiding important details and school discussions from their parents is also a concerning matter. 

Therefore, establishing a proper communication channel between the parents, teachers, and the institute is imperative. For instance, the integration of the school ERP and the student management system provides the best platform to streamline communication. 

As a result, teachers can reach out to the parents and update them with necessary information, such as parent-teacher meetings, important events and exam announcements. Also, it is a perfect medium to communicate any disciplinary actions that you may have to take as a teacher. 

Data Security 

While the internet and digitalisation have several benefits, helping expand our knowledge and accelerate many activities, there are also some downsides. Most of which you might be aware of and pertain to security concerns. 

Cybercrime and data theft are some of the major causes of concern; however, organisations can overcome and prevent them with appropriate measures. For example, you can protect institutional data with the help of school ERP.

The software protects critical information such as financial records and student attendance through encryption technology. In addition, the system creates backup data in the cloud server, allowing it to store more data and protect it seamlessly. 

The Final Word, 

Integrating the school ERP software and student information system is the best way to build a unified campus. The primary reason is that it allows the institute to streamline its data and establish a smooth communication system. Consequently, it helps to execute daily activities efficiently and ensure high productivity.

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