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Nandi Hills is a hill station that has gradually been discovered by visitors over the years, taking its name from the tall statue dedicated to the deity Nandi built on the hilltop. Tipu Sultan sought to escape the heat of the plains and the din of battle at this location, which is now a popular weekend getaway for Bangalore residents.

At a height of 4,851 feet above sea level, Nandi Hills has welcomed a number of luminaries, including Mahatma Gandhi and Queen Elizabeth II.. It is dotted with monuments and shrines featuring imposing pillars, exquisitely carved arches, and elaborately painted walls and ceilings.As a hidden gem surrounded by enthralling views of hills and valleys, a convoy of weekenders travel here early in the morning to catch a glimpse of the sunrise from atop.

The weather is pleasant all year, but the best time to visit these hills is between September and May, because the roads can be slippery and difficult to climb during the remaining monsoon months. Because summer afternoons can be oppressively hot, it is best to arrive on the hilltop before sunrise. So, plan your trip for around 5.30 a.m. to catch the beautiful sunrise. The Nandi Hills are open daily from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.


These hills, which were once Tipu Sultan’s summer retreat, are reminiscent of his reign. The Tipu Sultan trail is a well-known historical attraction here, best known for Tipu’s Drop, a 600-meter-high cliff used to execute prisoners during his reign. Tipu’s Summer Residence, also known as the Rashk-e-Jannat, which translates to “the envy of heaven,” is another must-see attraction.

How to reach?

By air

The closest airport, Kempegowda International Airport, is 33 kilometres away from Nandi Hills and welcomes both domestic and foreign travellers.

By train

The closest railroad station, located 9 kilometres from Nandi Hills, is Chikkaballapur Railway Station, where you can take a bus or a taxi to get there.

By road

Government buses travel frequently to Nandi Hills from Nandigram, Chikkabelapur, and Bangalore. Visitors may either self-drive or hail a cab, but they must park each vehicle at a certain location at the base of the slopes. Parking costs for four-wheelers are INR 60 and two-wheelers are INR 15 per vehicle.

Best time for visit

While Nandi Hills is one of the best weekend getaways from Bangalore and can be visited all year, the best months to visit are October to February.

What to do in Nandi Hills?

Nandi Hills offers nature camping, paragliding, cycling, biking, a trek to Chennagiri near Nandi Hills, a visit to Tipu’s Drop, a visit to Amrita Sarovar, and other activities.

2.Paragliding in Nandi Hills

Think of yourself as dropping with passion and excitement from a great height! At Nandi Hills, where one can take in the splendour of the great environment from a high vantage point, this is a welcome sensation.

One will be transported in total safety and with the necessary instructions to the peak, where the experience will start. You’ll leap off the cliff, then use an open parachute that’s connected to your back to land. Create some amazing movies and smile broadly when being photographed.

3.Cycling and Biking (Melkote Nandi ride)

By cycling and biking on a 30-kilometer trail, you can let go of stress.

Ride your bike and cycles outside in peaceful streets. As one advances, one can spot uncommon birds, unique animal species, and refreshing gusts that hit the face. The ideal method to be extremely healthy and discover the town in a new way is to cycle on a flat stretch. Every mile will reveal more of the town’s beauty, which you shouldn’t miss.

Places to visit

1.Visit to Tipu’s Drop

Thousands of tourists swarm to a 600-meter-high hilltop cliff to enjoy the tranquil vista. Away from the clamour of the city, nature lovers can find calm.

Tipu Sultan’s era being notorious for punishing people by tossing them from the cliff. While bathing in the sun and winds, unwind and enjoy the tranquilly. Yes, there have been enough preparations done for safety and security. So, under Tipu’s command, relax and be carefree. Visitors shouldn’t skip the place because it’s one of the top things to do in Nandi Hills.

2.Day Trek To Horagina Betta Near Nandi Hills

Spend some time away from your busy schedule hiking the foothills of Horagina Betta.

Additionally, one can visit the temple at the top and view stunning bird sightings while taking a tonne of pictures to cherish forever. One of the nicest things to do in Nandi Hills is an out-of-the-way locale, which is elegant in and of itself.

3.Visit To Amrita Sarovar

The lovely lake, often called “The Lake of Nectar,” is always full. The nearby neighbourhood likewise receives its water supply from the clear waters.

The large, ornate steps that lead to the well provide us a great example of Dravidian architecture. Near the lake, there is a platform where Tipu Sultan formerly prayed. Here, one can relax while capturing photos for their collection.

4.Day Out In Foothills Of Nandi Hills

The Nandi foothills offer many options for an unforgettable day out, with lush green surrounds and high peaks on both sides.

There are a variety of team-building exercises offered, including water volleyball, trust walking, jumbo volleyball, and pyramid construction. The cherry on top can be some music and BBQ. Therefore, arrange a day trip to Nandi Hills right away!

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